August Anderson
This is a Tumblr dedicated to Auggie Anderson independet RP. This character belongs to Covert Affairs. Dry, witty, sarcastic sense of humor and love Mingus.
▫ sorry 
Where have you been?

I know I haven’t been posting anything, even while the show was on.

I’d like first of all say sorry to all my followers about this.

Then… I would like to open up my heart a little.

The lest 3 months I have been feeling really down. I lost one of my jobs. I did have more free time, but I just wasn’t on the mood for giffing. It seams like every thing that I do just falls apart, and I became my worst enemy. 

Even though I haven’t posted anything for a while you guys continue reblogging my old stuff, and I appreciate you a lot for that. Just a little note on my dashbord makes me so happy. I hope I will be better to post something aster the show break. I will not make any promises. But if you really like my work keep following me, reblogging, adding notes or even… pray for me once in a while.

Love you all.

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